Follow the „no code“ principle

  • Define business logic without any programming skills
  • Iterate quickly through the intuitive drag & drop interface
  • Follow the flow-based programming paradigm using a rich set of pre-defined functions
  • Gain full control over your logic using user-friendly step-by-step debugging
  • Extend the set of pre-defined functions thanks to an open architecture
  • Protect your knowledge by encrypting your logic

Unlimited possibilities to digitize know-how

  • Identify and prevent the re-occurrence of detected failures
  • Individualize the condition monitoring by calculating user-specific Key Performance Indicators
  • Monitor and detect short-term, middle-term or long-term trends
  • Trigger alarms, tasks, mails or push-notifications
  • Recognize repetitive events over a defined period of time (remember and forget)
  • Compare conditions to historical baselines and averages or classify conditions according to well-known anomalies, patterns and tasks
  • Define dependencies between anomalies and linkage to specific problems

Extract valuable knowledge from the past

  • Replay your rule sets on historical data sets and store results directly into the data base
  • Learn from historical events
  • Extract valuable knowledge from unused data
  • Jump back to the past and validate your logic on historical events

Intuitive integration of Machine Learning

  • Use machine learning without advanced knowledge or specialized skills
  • Integrate own machine learning models trained in AIXPERT
  • Integrate advanced models R or Python scripts
  • Validate predictions and decisions made by the model

Rule execution anywhere, anytime

  • Time and event-based rule execution
  • Execute your logic directly on the edge (the operational site) or in the cloud (securely hosted and maintained)
  • Monitor and manage ongoing rule executions
  • Track changes and restore former logic